Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Classic Footage From Our Faves

Henry Owings has been posting some great things up on his YouTube channel, including some of the Atlanta bands I have written about on this blog. Please check out everything he has, as it is quite the treasure trove. Also, something nice about these clips is that they include multiple songs and give you a more realistic impression of the show - breaking guitar strings, people walking in front of the camera, awkward pauses between songs, everything. If anybody knows, I would love to find out what other bands played on these shows, or more information on the shows themselves.

The Martians at the Point - March 26, 1994

Jerry Fuchs-era, what more can you say?

Fiddlehead at Somber Reptile - May 14, 1994

The Deaf Waiter material in prime form - the Somber Reptile almost looks spooky.

Dirt at The Point

Not sure of the date on this one, but great to see nonetheless. I love Greg Webb's multiple camera angles and video effects.

Slumberjack at Dottie's - May 24, 1994

Great to see classic Dottie's in video form again, and great to see Slumberjack totally going for it.


  1. Holy christ! Fiddlehead playing Lock End? Those motherfuckers were the kings. Who wants to get them together to play in December?

  2. That show at the Point with The Martians was also with Fiddlehead who were both on the bill for a BOB CD release show.

    Also, keep in mind that Ed P shot most of that new ATL footage I've uploaded recently. So thanks to Ed.

  3. So glad to see Fiddlehead "again". I hardly have any recollection of seeing them even though I know I did many times. First band I ever saw at the Somber when they had the Christmas lights all over the stage and aluminum foil or something as a "backdrop."