Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Joe Myers' Scrapbook - Part Two

Here is Part Two of Joe's Scrapbook, getting off to a great start with Danzig, Ghost Story and Nihilist at Center Stage in 1988, I believe (?). Usually you can determine the year if the day of the week is listed, but not in this case. This would have been on a Wednesday, if anyone remembers. FYI, Joe Myers is the guitarist behind such bands as Inkwell, Black Venus and Re/Model, and I did a previous post a few weeks ago of some other shows in his scrapbook here.

Righteous metal at the Masquerade, circa August 1990. Including F.U.C.T., O.C.B., Venosity, Nihilist, and plenty of others. I think I remember hearing a story once about Metalmorphosis, but now I forget it.

Dayton, Ohio Music Fest - June 17-18, 1994: This was a pivotal point of the decade for DIY music in the nineties. Almost every band that played this fest has achieved legendary status, at least in some circles and it seems that anyone who attended these festivals had some part in similar festivals and DIY shows across the US for years to come. The 1994 Dayton Fest hosted such greats as Policy of Three, Kurbjaw, Greyhouse, Dartswinger, Iceburn, Avail, Universal Order of Armageddon, Delta 72, Brainiac, Hoover, Ashes, Iconoclast, Current (and the unveilling of Ottawa at the end of their set), Outspoken, Campfire, Ordination of Aaron, Transcend, Split Lip. I think Hoover actually broke up before playing this show, and I'm not sure what other bands played, maybe Shotmaker? I wasn't there myself, but I remember Steve Wishart and others coming back telling me about all the amazing bands that played. Policy of Three, Current/Ottawa and Ordination of Aaron especially.

Dayton, Ohio Music Fest - June 16-17, 1995: Second year of the Dayton Fest, this time including Kepone, Pitchblende, Blue Meanies, Split Lip, Hose Got Cable, Kinghorse, Rye Coalition, Ruby Falls, Metroshifter, Smears, Paul K and the Weathermen, Ten O'Clock Scholar, Frank Booth Band, Ska Humbug, Miss May '66, Rottweilers. Some great bands on this year's lineup, and some more obscure ones as well. I'm not sure about bands like Frank Booth Band and Miss May '66, but most of the others did fairly well for themselves in the following years. You can also see the third wave ska creeping into the mix, as the midwest was quite a haven for this during this time.

Columbus Fest - July 5-7, 1996: The Dayton Fest moves to Columbus, Ohio in 1996 with probably the best lineup yet, maybe even ever, including Franklin, The Great Unravelling, One Eyed God Prophecy, Braid, Endive, Fieldtree, Anasarca, Harriet The Spy, Boy Sets Fire, Church of the Bomb, Wallside, Inquisition, The Promise Ring, Spirit Assembly, Joan of Arc, Across Five Aprils, Broken Hearts Are Blue, Resin, Avail, Young Pioneers, Jenny Piccolo, Constantine Sankathi, Compound Red, Khai, Julia, The Locust, Side Show, Three Studies For A Crucifixion, Armstrong Secret Nine, and Remington. For this type of music, you can't get any better. I believe The hal al Shedad played the festival in 1997 with The Promise Ring, Braid, Harriet the Spy, and many others, but unfortunately I don't have a flyer for that year.

August 17, 1996: Deadguy, Ink & Dagger, NineIronSpitfire and One Way at the I-Defy house.

August 1996 I-Defy Show List, including 10 Yard Fight, Acrid and Broken (maybe) on August 5, Reversal of Man with Life Among Ruin on August 8, Hot Water Music with Walleye, Swank and Quadiliacha on August 11, Bleed with Halfman and Thenceforward on August 12, Hourglass with New Day Rising on August 16, Ink & Dagger on August 17, and Converge with Jesuit and Thenceforward on August 24 as well as Seein' Red, Torches To Rome, and Palatka at the Driverdome on August 10. It's amazing to think about how the house show scene in Atlanta was so developed by this time that you could have a great show every night with national touring bands that wouldn't get shut down or otherwise fall through.

September 8, 1995: Amber Inn with Scout and The Forty-Two at the Driverdome. A classic show of the time period, with the Wishart brothers in the bathtub.

Another I-Defy show list from 1996, including Asshole Parade/Eurich/Black Marinos/Necrolust on April 20, Order of Importance/Reversal of Man on April 27, Cavity on May 2, Damad/In-Humanity on May 17, Franklin/Algebra I on May 27, Morning Again/Outbreak on May 31, Anasarca/XXY on June 3, Fat Day/End of the Century Party/In-Humanity on June 7 (at Driverdome), Assuck/Man is the Bastard on June 17 (actually at BLT's), Prevail/Reversal of Man/Piebald on July 9 and Seein' Red/Torches To Rome at The Driverdome on August 10.

April 7, 1995: Assuck with Phoopher at the Driverdome. This one is dedicated to Will Greene - Phoopher officially makes the blog.

April 22, 1995 (I believe): Wheeljack at the Somber Reptile with 3 Canadian bands. I can't remember which bands, but a cool flyer nonetheless.

Driverdome Flyer circa August 1995: Whirlybird/Quadiliacha on August 27, Breakwater/Scout on August 30, Amber Inn/Scout/Forty-Two on September 8, Boys Life/Giants Chair/Hal al Shedad on September 12. That Boys Life show was amazing, I always loved that band.

June 8, 1996 (I believe): Blood Runs Black and Outbreak at the Godless Red House. Had to get a Godless Red flyer in there.

February 23, 1996: Fragment with Outbreak, Narcolepsy and Broken at the I-Defy House. Benefit for the Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade, and Outbreak's fina show ever.

June 18, 1995: The Promise Ring with Scout and Outbreak at the Driverdome. This was The Promise Ring's first Atlanta show, before they became scene superstars.

This is an alternate flyer for the same show as above. I guess Wheeljack played as well, which makes sense as Driverdome shows were usually 4 bands.

August 29, 1996: The Promise Ring with Kinkaid and Levelhead at the Somber Reptile. This was a late period Somber Reptile show, as most of the shows by this time had moved to houses, and then to Under the Couch.

Driverdome shows circa 1996, including Car vs. Driver/Ice-9/Glitch on April 27, Don's Ex-Girlfriend/Clairmel/Product on May 6, Shade/Hot Water Music on May 25 (Hot Water Music's first Atlanta show, if I remember correctly), Selfish on June 1, Plow/Delta 72 on June 6. That Delta 72 show was amazing, probably the first big DC band to play our house, to be followed soon after by the Make-Up show, one of the best house shows I have ever seen. More on that show later.


  1. Hey James! Awesome job with this blog!

    The Danzig show was in 1989. Here's a link to my scanned ticket stub http://www.flickr.com/photos/ksaluzzi/3546177463/

    I proudly wore my Samhain shirt to this show. I remember Nihilist sounding like crap, while Ghost Story sounding great. Danzig played well, but the one memory that sticks with me is the incredible studded gauntlet he wore. The staff at the Center Stage even built an extension to the front of the stage for Danzig to exclusively use (built right before Danzig's set). I'm glad I was able to see Danzig early on, but sad that I missed his show at the Excelsior Mill/Masquerade.

    Take care,
    Ken Saluzzi

  2. Hey Ken - Thanks for the info! Mathis Hunter and I were trying to determine the year of the show based on the Danzig logo on the flyer. 1988 was a good guess, but not too far off.

  3. that dayton fest show at the top was pretty amazing. and amazingly hot as balls. i remember all the cassette tapes in steve's car turning into tacos. it was in a huge cement box. felt like 300 degrees. i remember being excited along with gray that iceburn was playing (and they were good). if my memory is correct, both hoover and uoa were no-shows, having broken up right before. i think it was a major bummer for alot of people that were hoping to see them. all in all though an amazing lineup, obviously. iconoclast and outspoken?! i mean come on! haha. god it was hot. did i mention that? i remember driving us all home in steves car and taking a wrong turn on a random highway in the middle of the night and not realizing it for like 2 hours. good times.

  4. i believe that scout cancelled playing that promise ring show. i think it was just wheeljack and outbreak with them.

    also that columbus more than music festival 96 had a ton of cancellations. i think i've got another flyer where i tried to keep up the cancelled and replacement bands. julia played and it was one of the coolest sets i've ever seen a band play. i remember that jenny piccolo, the locust, and three studies for a crucifixion played. saucemaster was there, so he might have a better memory of it.

    also, i believe that last flyer with the driver dome shows is 1995. inkwell played our last show in april 96, so i don't think car vs. driver was still around at that point. :)


  5. what about slant 6?? they played the driver dome before delta 72 and the makeup... i know no one was there, but they were a dischord band!

  6. That Slant 6 flyer shows up way back in the archives: http://beyondfailure.blogspot.com/2008/07/driverdome-flyers-from-bygone-era-ie.html

    I seem to remember a lot of people being there. As many as Delta 72 at least, and Jonathan Fire Eater was better than almost anyone before or since. I wonder where my "Revival" banner is today? I'm sure they threw it away at their next show.


    -M. LEER

  8. I really appreciate your posting these. I was at the 1994 Dayton Fest and needed to find out the dates and other details. I couldn't remember exactly where it was.