Monday, March 17, 2008

The hal al Shedad - Live at WREK May 6, 1997

So these pictures are not from our Live at WREK show, but at a live performance at a radio station in Los Angeles (I believe it was KXLU, but I'm not positive). As you can see, this was on April 14, 1997, during our Spring 1997 US tour, and our Live at WREK was May 6, 1997 right after we returned, so this is in the same general time period. We only did one Live at WREK session, and it was between the first and second albums. Two songs were from the first LP (Unification and The Art of Mapmaking), one song from our first 7" (Local Seeing), two songs from the 7"s between the two albums (Yesterday's Bullets, Human Again), and two songs from the yet to be recorded second album (1/1/97 and Ivan's Devil). I hope you enjoy, there will be plenty more hal al Shedad to come.

Here is the link: The hal al Shedad - Live at WREK May 6, 1997

As a piece of trivia, Ben still plays that Ampeg V9 bass head and cabinet on the right side of the picture in his current band - The Forever War (as well as the same Music Man bass!). I gave away that silver spray painted drumset years ago, and heard that the drummer from Deerhunter was using it for a time, but I know he got a real drumset later on. Also, Ed's 'Going to Grandma's' case for carrying his volume pedal and cables is in the foreground - classic hal setup.


  1. Atickers and posters in the photos suggest that the show was at KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, CA.

  2. That should say 'Stickers'.