Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sonn Av Krusher - Fall 2007

Sonn Av Krusher is one of the bands I play in at the moment - it is definitely the one that practices the most, but that isn't saying much. I play drums, Gray Kiser (Regicide/Hands of an Angry God/Pink Panties/XLinedriveX) plays guitar, and Matt Mauldin (Car Vs. Driver, Chocolate Kiss, Veinocity, Bloodspoon, Joyce) sings and plays some theremin. We started about a year ago and have played a grand total of two shows thus far. To be fair, we have 5.5 children between the three of us, so this band is not going to be the most prolific endeavor.

I was excited to play with Gray Kiser again because he brought such good ideas to the table when I played with him in Regicide (Lift the Ban, Regicide - The Hammer of Hate, Battle of the Hair Capes, etc.), and I like his lyric writing process. Basically we start each song with a theme, usually inspired by the sound and feel of the song, and then develop lyrics from there. Normally both Gray and Matt collaborate on the lyrics and themes, and the song titles are developed as a group.

The band originally did not have a singer - we had this idea to switch vocalists between every song, so then the idea was that at least these people would be suckered into coming out to the show, and it would also give each song its own flavor. It also can make the band schizophrenic. Once the idea had some time to settle in, it was a little unfeasible to have 6+ singers just hanging around, so when Matt Mauldin came to sing On The Backs of the Blitzkrieg (our first song), he just kept showing up for practice. At this point in our musical lives, if a person can show up for practice, they can pretty much be in the band.

Here are some photos from our first show at Lenny's (flyer above):

We recorded five songs at the Living Room with Ed Rawls and Justin McNeight back in July 2007. Here is the link to download the MP3's:

Sonn Av Krusher 2007 Demo Tape

The Track Listing of the Sonn Av Krusher 2007 Demo LP:

1. High Holy Days
2. Snake Mountain Death Ride
3. On the Backs of the Blitzkrieg
4. I Left My Heart in San Francisco Bay
5. The Widower


  1. ha ha, i kept showing up.. thanks dude.


  2. In your want list, are you talking about the Fiddlehead - Circles b/w Moneyman single?

  3. Actually, I have the Circles/Moneyman single, but I was looking for anything before that. I talked to Kip last weekend, and he said they have a demo tape from that era, but he doesn't have it. Mike Haggerty might have it, but who knows. If you have anything, please let me know, and thanks for the help!