Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Some Preliminary Information Before We Get Down To Business

So I have been playing in bands for over 15 years, and have played with many amazing individuals and musicians. Over the years I have been contacted by past bandmates and random friends to locate some old recording, picture, flyer, etc. from the past. This is partly due to the fact that I keep almost everything associated with the band and have fortunately lead a somewhat stable life. One of the main tasks in starting this blog was to create a "band family tree", where relatioships between all the musicians I have played with and bands I have been a part of could be easily displayed. Attached is the fruits of my labor (please click on the family tree image to see the fruits of my labor). All of my posts on this blog will be related to one of these bands somehow - it looks like I have my work cut out for me.


  1. spotted a coupla follies in the ol' family tree......

    a) james joyce actually joined regicide in the spring of '96 (mere months after the inception of the band)

    b) james joyce classifies as a member of GFE as he was the stand in drummer/guitarist between 6/00-12/00

    c) by some calculations, seventy spacebird merely operated from 1/99-5/00 at which time the operation merged with GFE. sixth member would be the lake monster. then you would have southern spacebird psychedelic orchestra starting 2/03 and ending with mr. joyce's departure for amsterdam
    .....these may be minor details, but something to take into consideration.

  2. I will try to make some tweakings and adjustments to further refine the tree over time. I will also try to make an all-inclusive tree to really blow things up and show the interconnectedness of these bands. Keep an eye out.

  3. i gotta quit drinking before i try to read that chart.